Pattern making


The company's main activity is producing models for manual and machine molding (HWS, Disamatic, or any other automatic mask line) and casting tools. We also provide machining services. The models are produced exclusively according to customer orders, in which the customers specify all the model characteristics. The company is fully customized to customers, which leads to the integration of our customers in the creation of models, the rapid introduction of new models, and the flexibility of the entire system.

In our production, we use top technology (CNC machines, CAD/CAM programs, 3D printers) and the highest quality materials (plywood, epoxy and polyurethane resins, various metals), and therefore we are able to carry out precise production and of the most complex models directly from the 3D geometric model, at favorable prices and in the shortest possible time.

Production employees are distributed in several departments. Each employee does the work that best suits his knowledge, skills, and competences. In this way, employees contribute to the organizational performance of the company and its sustainable competitive advantage. Today, we employ 75 workers, of which the largest percentage of workers belong to the age group of 25-35 years.